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Current Collections

Incomplete Series / Collections in progress

Please contact Abbey if you would like to be alerted
when she is working on a new piece in a specific series.


[ Foliage ]

2018 - current

In Abbey's newest series, she explores foliage on a large scale.

Abbey's Image web.jpg

[ Posy ]

2017 - current

Posy explores large, voluptuous blooms and floral arrangements. Bright and bold in Abbey's signature style.


[ Lady of the flowers ]

2017 - Current

This series was inspired by my wonderful Mum when she was involved in a horrible car accident.

I painted it for her to 'brighten' up her hospital room during her stay.

The whole experience was made bearable by the support of our family, friends, hospital staff, business contacts and the wider community.

And they sent flowers.

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