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Foliage I / Lemon Tree

Foliage I / Lemon Tree

April 20, 2018

'Foliage I' Original Artwork by Abbey Merson

Foliage I / Lemon Tree

View of above from beneath

Loose, vibrant, emerald foliage with glowing fruit.

The first piece in the collection.

Acrylic on canvas

980mm wide x 1170mm tall

Foliage II / Peach Tree

April, 2018

The second original artwork in the 'Foliage', an on-going series by Abbey Merson

Foliage II  - Peach Tree

Acrylic on canvas

1020mm wide x 1280mm tall x 40mm deep


Foliage IV / Fiddle Leaf Fig

May 31, 2018

'Foliage III' Original Artwork by Abbey Merson

Foliage III / Fiddle-Leaf Fig

The third piece in the on-going study of foliage by Abbey Merson.

Acrylic on canvas

710mm wide x 710mm tall x 40mm deep

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