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[ Lady of the flowers ]

Lady of the Flowers

Lady of the Flowers I / Clavicle Lady

February, 2017

This piece/series was inspired by my wonderful Mum when she was involved in a horrible car accident.

I painted it for her to 'brighten' up her hospital room during her stay.

The whole experience was made bearable by the support of our family, friends, hospital staff, business contacts and the wider community.

And they sent flowers.

There were bright bunches of blooms on every surface in the room, each one a reminder that their thoughts were with us, sending love and hugs from near and far.  And she would be propped up in the bed, broken and bruised, surrounded by the most beautiful colours, with the biggest grin, even after the worst day.

Such a beautiful sight.

This piece is part of a private collection.

Lady of the Flowers II

Lady of the Flowers II

August, 2017

This piece was painted specially for the 'Framed for Suzi' Art Auction that members of the Havelock North community organised to support Suzi Merson after her accident.

I wanted to replicate the special piece that many remembered seeing in Mums hospital room over the months she was admitted.

It was sold at auction.

Lady of the Flowers III

Lady of the Flowers III

September, 2017

This piece belongs to lovely family friends who are amazingly supportive.

Lady of the Flowers IV

Lady of the Flowers IV

March, 2018

This piece was commissioned by a family friend and Nurse at Hastings hospital.

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