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2017 - current

Abbey thinks that giving someone flowers is one of the most loving gestures.

“When I was growing up, my Dad would often spend the weekends gardening and I always thought that it was the most romantic thing when he would walk back into the house, whistling, and present my Mum with the biggest bunch of hydrangea heads, or lavender, or whatever he had been pruning that day. Sometimes it was a bunch of weeds from clearing out behind the shed. It didn’t matter.”

Abbey's on-going 'Posy' series explores large, voluptuous blooms and floral arrangements. Bright and bold in her signature style.

Posy ]: Collections
Abbey's Image web.jpg

Posy I / Blooms

December, 2017

The first of my Posy collection, this painting is bright with it's bold blooms.

1000mm wide x 1200mm tall.



Posy II / Hydrangea

January, 2018

The second painting in the Posy collection depicts a massive bunch of white hydrangeas.

1800mm wide x 1700mm tall.


Posy III.jpg

Posy III / Midnight Blooms

May, 2018

The newest piece in the posy series, Posy IV / Summer Blooms is fresh and soft.

1000mm x 1000mm


Posy IV / Summer Blooms

April, 2018

The fourth piece in the on-going posy series, Posy IV / Summer Blooms is bold but calm.

1000mm x 1000mm

Posy V Autumn Blooms

Posy V / Autumn Blooms

June, 2018

The fifth piece in the on-going posy series, Posy V / Autumn Blooms is pretty and pink.

710mm x 710mm

Posy ]: Musings & Thoughts
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