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Three weeks.

Someone once told me that for something to become a habit, you had to do it daily for three weeks before it would 'stick'.

I'm not sure how true this is, or if I'm just a bit slow, but it has been three weeks now since I became a full-time, paint every day, artist.

It still feels weird.

And I hope it continues to feel weird for a long time yet.

[ Posy III / Midnight Blooms ]

[ Posy III / Midnight Blooms ]

The newest posy just arrived from the framers and she looks FAN-tastic at Magpie.

She measures 1090mm wide x 1030mm tall (framed) and if you are interested in this piece, send me a message here.

I have prints of her too if you have a smaller space.

'Golden' by Abbey Merson

'Lime' by Abbey Merson

'Tangerine' by Abbey Merson

'Blue Bowl' by Abbey Merson

Also this week, I started a short run of ten A4 portraits.

The first four are available now, with the remainder following next week. All ten will be small original portraits (there's only one of each), painted on brown card - give me a bell or check them out online if any of them catch your eye.

Tilly (my wonderful sister who owns Magpie, and is also a talented artist) and I had a blast at the Clifton Makers Market last week. It was such a beautiful day to be at the beach. Thanks to all who stopped to say Hi and buy our beautiful pieces.

Until next week, I hope you're enjoying what I'm working on as much as I do.

X abbey

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