Abbey Merson

Abbey Merson, Colour Lover.

"I create. It's what I do, have always done, and always will do because it's who I am. I paint to make sense of the world around me and my place in the midst of it all."

Abbey is a New Zealand artist and painter whose art is deeply inspired by nature, by people, by the wonderful world we live in, and from the challenges of life itself.

She is continaually exploring her world, through colour, creating vibrant paintings as a result.

Abbey worked as a picture framer for over 15 years, painting in her spare time, until April 2018 when she could no longer put off her dream to paint full time.

She rented a studio space in Hastings and painted every day, creating works large and small and sending them off all over the world.

Abbey and her husband Shane, who is also a picture framer, their daughter, Amber and their two dogsshe paints from her home studio in Hastings, and has a collection point at Edges in Havelock North.

Abbey currently has two on-going series in production, 'Posy', and her 'Hawkes Bay Spots' series where she paints special places around the bay.

Abbey is also working on landscape or floral commissions, so please contact her if you are interested in a special piece for your home or workplace.